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Pro Arte Series C Flat Hog BrushesPro Arte Series C Flat Hog Brushes

Pro Arte Series C Flat Hog Brushes

This is a modestly priced range in three distinct shapes; Rounds, Flats and Filberts. All are eminently suitable for oil painters. Seamless nickel ferrules. Medium size handles are finished with a blue lacquer.
Sizes: 0-2-4-6-8-10-12

A flat brush is, as the name would suggest, one where the bristles are arranged so the brush is quite wide but not very thick. The length of the bristles can vary, with some flat brushes having long and some very short bristles. When buying a flat brush, look for one where the bristles have a spring to them, or snap back when you bend them gently. Not only will a flat brush create a broad brushstroke, but if you turn it so you're leading with the narrow edge, it'll produce thin brushstrokes. A short flat brush is ideal for small, precise brushmarks.
A flat brush's paint carrying capacity is determined by the bristles it has, and by the length of these. A short-haired, synthetic-bristle flat brush will hold less paint than a long-haired, mixed or natural-hair brush.

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