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Cotman Watercolour Paints & Paint Sets

Cotman Painting Plus Set

Cotman Painting Plus Set

Cotman Painting Plus 16 Half Pan and 3 Tube Set.

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Cotman Student Watercolour 21ml

Cotman Student Watercolour 21ml

The Cotman Watercolour Paint range is designed primarily for students and beginners. They are made to the usual high standards which you would expect from Winsor & Newton with high quality pigments carefully selected to produce an economic range of watercolour paints. 21ml Tubes

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Cotman Student Watercolour 8ml

Cotman Student Watercolour 8ml

Cotman Watercolour Paints are an economical and high quality range of watercolour paint which is available in 40 different colours. The paints have consistently good working properties across the range and a reasonably uniform consistency which is beneficial to students and beginners. 8ml Tubes.

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Cotman Watercolour Range - Information

Cotman Watercolour PaintsThe Cotman product range consisting of forty different hues are selected by Winsor & Newton depending on mass tone (the strength of colour straight from tube), colour intensity, undertone (colour bias when thinned), relative opacity as well as the dynamics of each individual pigment. The resulting spectrum of colours in the range enables the greatest variety of colours to be blended. The product range provides a well balanced array of 40 different colours which are for sale in 8ml tubes, 21ml tubes and half pan sets.

Consistency Across the Range
The Cotman Watercolour paint range possesses a more even consistency than many more expensive ranges of watercolours benefiting beginners as it takes less time to master using each individual pigment. The colours are compatible with the Artists ' Water Colour paint range allowing artists to master the use of paints from both ranges through minimum amount of adjustment to their particular painting technique.

The Pigments used come from a variety of different sources, many are natural earth pigments, (e.g. ochre & umber) various other pigments are derived from metallicCotman Watercolour Tube ingredients and are also quite often known as ' genuine ' or ' traditional ' pigments such as ' ultramarine '. By substituting a number of the more expensive pigments with less costly replacements manufacturing Costs have been lowered to a cost-effective level. The petroleum distillation used in the manufacturing process provides a constantly increasing selection of natural pigments which are generally known as ' modern '. A number of the pigments utilized in the Cotman range are natural and organic.

White Watercolour
Conventionally the white of the paper shows the intensity of the watercolour and unpainted areas can provide highlights. Alternatively, artists may use Chinese White for creating highlights towards the end of the painting. It can also be used to dull down other colours.

Permanence Ratings
See the ratings on the Cotman tube labels, pan labels or colour chart to be certain of the permanence associated with any paint in the range. Exclusively use paints graded A (Permanent) or AA (Extremely permanent) - these are highly recommended If long-lasting permanence is essential.

Staining Properties
The modern organic pigments used in Cotman Watercolour hues, are made of extremely small particles which effectively stains the paper, as opposed to the traditional colours - such as earths - which have a tendency to more easily lift from the surface of the paper.

Resistance to Granulation
The Cotman range is made with modern organic pigments which resist granulation as opposed to many traditional pigments.

Transparency Properties
The pigments used within Cotman watercolour paints have predominantly Cotman Half Pantransparent properties. When painted onto paper each colour appears more or less transparent.

Intermixing Colours
Cotman and Winsor & Newton Artists watercolours may be easily intermixed. The 3 primary colours from the range are Lemon Yellow Hue, Ultramarine and Permanent Rose. If employing a 6 colour mixing method Winsor and Newton suggest Cadmium Yellow Pale Hue, Lemon Yellow Hue, Intense Blue, Ultramarine, Cadmium Red Hue and Permanent Rose.